São Paulo Transit &Latam GRU to AEP – LAN Ar 7862 & São Paulo Transit | FLIGHT REVIEW

Transit in São Paulo International couldn’t be easier, never fear!  I flew overnight from Johannesburg to GRU and needed to transit within the same terminal (3) for my onward journey to Buenos Aires.

Everything was well sign-posted.


The airport is very well kept, which can’t be said of all South American international terminals (cough, Buenos Aires).  Following the signs, you pass through security one more time (you don’t take ANYTHING out of your bags in Brazil, including computers and iPads and liquids), take the escalator up to the departures and that’s IT.  Less than 10 minutes from the plane to your new gate.  Fantastic!


At the gate, even at 4.30am, there are plenty of coffee options (this Piola coffee store looked great, but there was also a Starbucks if that’s your thing).


Meanwhile on to the flight – the Latam flights line up everyone by seat row, so those at the front (not business, but front of economy) get on board last.  I’d carefully picked my seat.  When I handed over my boarding pass, the attendant reprinted it for me which I thought unusual – she had moved me to the very back of the plane, which I’m not okay with.  When I questioned this, her manager said the seat was damaged.


I got on board to discover SOMEONE ELSE sitting in my seat!  I don’t know what happened, but I wasn’t happy!  Luckily, I explained that I’d love to sit a little further forward on a not-heavily booked flight to the air hostess and she moved me. Super sweet!

I wasn’t expecting anything as a refreshment (what have you done to us, Ryanair?!), but about 20 minutes into the flight, a muffin or sandwich was served with coffee or tea and water.


Then the team came back with these little ‘bon o bon’ sweets which are a bit like Ferrero Rocher (in other words, delicious!).


Sadly, having embarked through an air bridge, at Aeroparque in Buenos Aires, it was off by bus (even for just 200 metres!), but it was an uneventful flight and those are my favourite!



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