Executive Lounge GRU São Paulo Airport (Terminal 3) | Lounge Review

Some lounges open crazy early in the morning, some close crazy late at night.

With my flight from Johannesburg to São Paulo due to land at 5.45, there was no lounge slated to be open.  However, we landed so EARLY, I managed to squeeze in 45 minutes in the Executive Lounge GRU before it closed at 5am.


This is a BIG lounge – very spread out, with lots of different kinds of seating area – workspaces, comfy chairs, small dining tables.  It’s on a floor which is ALL lounges.


There was still some food available at 4.30am!


These were ham and cheese rolls on sweet brioche buns. Not quite right for my limited appetite!


This long table was still laden with salad items and snacks!


There were two coffee docks, with only one working.  I only needed one to work, so that was fine! Cafe latte on the way.


These high tables are great when you need to charge up your laptop and get some writing done 🙂 Not for this guy at 4.30am!


I chose two warm pastries.  One was stuffed with (unsalted) chicken.  Interesting.  The other had chopped bacon and veggies as a filling. That one was good!


In this pic, you can see the individual dining tables and guess what – I found the comfy chairs!  The blue bottles were still water.  I got hydrated for the second flight ahead from São Paulo to Buenos Aires.


Gratuitous long shots of the lounge.  Impressive! I noticed that they did have plenty of facilities including showers and a business area.  I didn’t have time for any of that (though would have loved a refreshing shower after a long flight!).


This is a good one.  I give it 4 stars!

Anyway, we all got chucked out at 5am when the last flight to Dubai was called (obviously they have a contract with Qatar Airways).  However, I was glad to get a little time away from the mad rush of people through international transfers, to have a snack and a refreshing bottle of water. It makes the Priority Pass worth it (no, still not an affiliate!).

This left some time to have a mooch around Duty Free which was open and busy! Interesting Grey Goose cooler bottle!


I have to say, it was no problem to spend another hour in GRU Terminal 3 – it was spotlessly clean and well laid out – nothing too far away (Duty Free to Lounges to Gates – all pretty close) and the loos were clean and plentiful.



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