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Round the World 2017 – How it began

Late in 2016, I started this blog with my first article, a very short reflection that I hoped to travel around the world in 2017 and that Argentina was high on my list, due to this photograph. I knew a little about Round the World tickets and had a lot of planning to do.

The Planning Process

My plans came together when I was house sitting in the South of Spain for friends who were on a glamorous honeymoon. I sat down with some blank sheets of printer paper. Certain locations were definite: I needed to get to South Africa for some research for a Masters degree that I was completing. I would use that as the staging post to get to South America (which I had never visited before) and then go on to New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, India, the UAE and back to Ireland.

I did a HUGE amount of research into which kind of ticket I should buy, from where and – very importantly – which airport to start the ticket from… that blog, the 7 Secrets to Round the World Ticket Planning is available here.

Round the World Article List

Please find below all blogs from my Round the World trip organised by Flight Reviews and then each destination visited.


Coming soon

  • TBD – Air New Zealand | Auckland to Queenstown, NZ
  • TBD – Auckland to Sydney
  • TBD – Sydney to Gold Coast
  • TBD – Sydney to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Hong Kong – no article
  • TBD – Hong Kong to Shanghai
  • TBD – Japan Airlines – Shanghai to Tokyo
  • TBD – Tokyo to New Delhi
  • TBD – New Delhi to London Heathrow



  • Articles coming soon:
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai


  • Articles coming soon:
  • Tokyo


  • Articles coming soon:
  • New Delhi
  • Jaipur
  • Agra