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I love all the elements of creating content for Planet Patrick. That includes YouTube travel videos, the Planet Patrick Diaries here on the blog, travel photography that I share on Twitter and Instagram as well as Instagram Reels and TikTok videos.

If you would like to support the content that I create, you can Keep Me Going via Patreon where Patreon members get access to videos early and other goodies!

Click here or the image below to visit the Planet Patrick Patreon Page!

Explanatory Note
You should never feel obligated to support any creator. I create for the joy of doing it and I will do it some way or another for the rest of my life. I am grateful for subscribers, comments and your pressing of the ‘notifications’ bell on YouTube! ALL of those actions are helpful and supportive. However, I do have a Patreon site as creating has a real-life financial cost that I would struggle to afford without support.