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Argentina Travel Guide: 2017 Plans

Argentina Travel Guide: How I Chose Buenos Aires

Will I end up writing an Argentina Travel Guide? Maybe or maybe not, but the photograph at the top of this page inspired me to include Argentina in my Round the World Planning. You may know that I just got started with thinking about a Big Trip. I am in this unique position of having stepped out of the corporate world and I’m in the middle of studying for a Masters degree. The chance to travel that I’m thinking about right now arises because I have about 5 months to write a dissertation and, rather than just stay in Belfast, where my course is based, I think there’s no need to be static. In fact, I’m writing about cross-border movement and so, it might make sense to cross some borders.

A picture from Argentina

Back to this picture. As I found it using an image search on the internet, at first, it could really have been from anywhere, but it showed up on Wikimedia as being in Buenos Aires just as I was thinking of where to book for flights. I’m excited to check out other Argentina travel blogs to learn more. Let’s find out if Buenos Aires really looks like this!

[A note on the image I used for this page: I chose this image to start my Argentina Travel Guide from Marianocecowski. Find the original at Wikimedia]

where can i stay?

I stayed at Apart Hotel San Diego in Buenos Aires. Not tempted by my budget choice? Good idea!!

Check out the top hotels and B&Bs in Buenos Aires.

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