Why this lounge was a let-down! The Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 2 – LHR T2

The only lounge open at Terminal 2 in early summer was the Plaza Premium offering and access was available to Priority Pass users or those paying dirty cash (from £27). **Note: video report is linked at the bottom of this post** I was flying in business class with Icelandair and was sorry not to experience … Read more

Green List Travel Guide: This man’s experience…

The entirety of the green/amber/red list travel regulations can be a mysterious faff. Here’s why: The rules change at short notice (updated at least every 3 weeks in the UK) The rules are slightly different in Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales. You need to gather together information from a range of different sources (your … Read more

Icelandair BUSINESS (Saga Premium) – LHR-KEF [green list] – Class UP bidding system SUCCESS

Lor’ blimey, this video took a bit of effort to make! I was sitting up late in my Reykjavik hotel room last night tweaking voiceovers and bits of this and soundtracks of that. But I love making these. It’s a lark. Plus: a. I’m on the road (gotta love that)b. I am a total nosebag … Read more

Qantas QF10 – London to Perth – Jetlag & Flight Review

With a few weeks available for a trip away from an ever chillier Northern Ireland, physically and Brexitly, my twitchy booking fingers considered all kinds of warm locations and landed on the continent that is suffering terrifyingly-high temperatures this winter/summer, Australia. I wanted this trip to be about all the bits of Oz I had … Read more