🇮🇸 €105 Reykjavik Hotel – a bargain or a bust? Center Hotels Plaza Review on Ingólfur Square

Last time I came to Iceland, I stayed at the Fosshotel in Reykjavik and it was a 10/10! Fosshotel has accommodation in some of the most spectacular locations around the country and are known for their Nordic design and great food. BUT… it’s now the quarantine hotel in Reykjavik, so that option was gone (unless … Read more

Reykjavik on Foot: Sun Voyager to Hallsgrimkirkja to Rainbow Street & Althingi

Good day to you! Yes, it’s a video release day, but for those of us who like writing too, it’s also a writing day! Reykjavik is a delight to explore on foot. If you’re able, most things are within a 10 minute (max 15 minute) trundle around town. Footpaths are even and stable, there are … Read more

Icelandair BUSINESS (Saga Premium) – LHR-KEF [green list] – Class UP bidding system SUCCESS

Lor’ blimey, this video took a bit of effort to make! I was sitting up late in my Reykjavik hotel room last night tweaking voiceovers and bits of this and soundtracks of that. But I love making these. It’s a lark. Plus: a. I’m on the road (gotta love that)b. I am a total nosebag … Read more