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I’m a proud nerd about Vlogging Gear

Whether you are a brand new vlogger or film-maker, you’ve been writing for years and need a new camera or phone to improve your images, or you are interested in apps and technology that improves your grammar, you’ve found the right page!

Vlogging Gear Practicality & Cost

Some new writers and vloggers get caught up in the question of the cost of vlogging gear, and whether they ‘just can’t get started’ until they have this camera or that laptop. Let’s start with the truth: just get started. You can literally start a blog with a pencil and paper, using them to write out your ideas and how you want to organise them. Then, you can use a computer at your local library for free and a free blogging service to host your content.

As we develop our blogs and social media channels, and if funds permit, it is both fun and productive to introduce better vlogging gear as you go along. Are your pictures a little fuzzy? It might be best to invest in a different camera, whether new or used. Perhaps the sound on your video is indistinct. That’s something you really need to sort out (who wants to watch a video with poor sound – ask me how I know!). Or you want to include drone footage to spice up your video.

I am a proud nerd interested in camera and vlogging gear, the latest luggage or backpack ideas, or accessories that cost $1 or a lot more. Gear and kit are a lifelong obsession. My watchwords are practicality and endurance.

Peak Design Camera Clutch

This vlogging gear image shows a clutch strap which wraps around the hand and to a camera to make it secure.

TIP > Make shooting on the fly easier, replacing the standard camera strap.
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Also coming soon:

  • Current Camera Set-up
  • Laptop / Software Editing Set-up
  • Hard drives and back-up Solutions
  • Day Bag Set-up